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Divemaster School
  • This is the first step in leadership
  • Organize dive trips, give dive briefings, safety checks, and assist divers with their equipment
  • Courses include all course materials, room and board, and three meals per day with internship

Caribbean Living

Carribbean Living

Train on a Caribbean Island! You will have the opportunity to experience first hand the pluses and minuses of "Island Life" and have an opportunity to check out job opportunities first hand.

Small/Personal Classes

Small Personal Classes

You are one of around 5 to 7 students. You will be taught by a Course Director and staff who live on the island with pride, not staff who come and go.

Outstanding Support

Outstanding Support

Our training facility provides outstanding support along with our spacious classroom on the boat equipped with the latest educational materials. Beach dives are right in front of our dive operation.

Press Release - Long Time Diving Pioneer Dr. Jami Epstein Appointed Regional Training Director for NASE Worldwide’s Caribbean Region

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- December 12, 2011

Divepath is pleased to announce the appointment of dive industry legend, Dr. Jami Epstein, to the position of Regional Training Director at the National Academy of Scuba Educators based in Roatan, Honduras. Dr. Epstein, an internationally certified scuba instructor for over 25 years, currently holds several other appointments as a long time international course director at various agencies including the National Association for Underwater Instructors and The Professional Divers Instructor’s Corporation, just to name a few. Dr. Epstein’s emphasis is on safety and no nonsense scuba instruction. He is also certified to provide special training for scuba instructors teaching persons with disabilities and special needs. He has been teaching professional scuba diving for over 25 years.

Divepath is the only full-service school that offers personal attention to students, small classes, and multiple certifications for in-house for scuba instruction for dive masters and scuba instructors. At Divepath, becoming a dive master or a scuba instructor can be the most rewarding field one can choose. Dr. Epstein and his staff are committed to training only the best open water scuba instructors. The comprehensive instructor training programs are both fun and educational. Instruction includes how to teach in the classroom, pool, and open water. Skills are evaluated the same day, and feedback is provided to challenge and ensure safety. Certifications include NASE, NAUI, PDIC, SDI/TDI and HSA. Full certification courses start at $1,995 and include all books and fees paid to the certification agencies.

All scuba instructor courses include:

  • Full room and board
  • Three meals per day
  • Pre-exams and exams
  • Internet connectivity
  • Laundry
  • All diving needs for the course
  • Counseling and tutoring
  • Registration fees paid to the certification agencies.

Dive Path - Making your Scuba Diving Dreams Come True

We offer Roatan Honduras scuba diving courses and instruction for people of all ages. Whether you are an experienced diver or someone that’s never gotten their feet wet, you'll have a great time learning about the wonders of ocean life. Roatan Honduras scuba diving is fun for the whole family!

Dive Master - $1,100 - (10 days) - 4 week internship

  • This is the first step in leadership. During the Dive Master course you will learn to organize dive trips, give dive briefings, safety checks, assist drivers with their equipment, assist the Instructor in guided dives and assist the Instructor in the classroom, pool and open water.

Prerequisites and Requirements:

  • Rescue Diver Certification
  • Age: Minimum 18 years
  • Logged dives in environment and depth
  • Certification as a Rescue Diver with CPR/First Aid. If the candidate does not have the knowledge of oxygen administration, a course with 3 dives with be required (extra fee).
  • Verfication of good health condition documented by a physician
  • Equipment - Leadership candidates shall furnish and be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own equipment
  • 700 yard free style swim, in 17 minutes and a 800 yard free style swim in 18 minutes for instructors.

Students save $250 each when two sign up for the open water diver to instructor course at the same time and get a free internship. Room, board, 3 meals a day, books and materials, transfers and paperword all paid for!


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I am visiting Roatan, Honduras and realized that everyone comes here to dive. My partner and I met Jami Epstein by chance at the Brooksy Point Yacht Club. Next thing I know I am scuba diving for the first timel. Jami taught a private class for just the two of us. He worked at our pace, repeating any skills until we got it. And,he rewarded us with fun and interesting dives when we did well. The whole experience was transforming; it's a whole new world.

Jessica Rothman, Chief Mate, Amistad

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